The #1 Meal
Prep Software

Happy Meal Prep is the #1 Meal Prep Software platform crafted exclusively for the meal-delivery industry. Automate your business with our cutting-edge tools and you could see:

  • 3x improvement on conversion rate
  • $9 increase in average order value
  • 30% decrease in time spent on routine tasks
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The Best Checkout System Around

With our ultra-optimized checkout system, customers will have the ability to order al la carte meals, or set up a subscription to weekly meal plans.

Skyrocket Your Business

Want to increase your revenue, increase your customer retention rate, and decrease time spent on manual tasks? Happy Meal Prep’s suite of world-class tools will help do just that.

User Subscriptions

With our user subscriptions. You and the user be able to pause, edit, and delete their subscriptions, providing top-notch user experience.

Powerful Reports

Cooking reports, packaging reports, deliveries, pickups, ingredients, labels and more. Our reporting system is unmatched and essential for any meal prep business.

Customer Rewards

Studies show that rewards programs increase customer retention. With every purchase your customers can receive reward points to be redeemed at a later time. Reward values are completely customizable.

Mighty Menus

Create your menu with categories, previews, nutrition information and more. Your customers will be able to search your menu, filter and sort.

Referral Program

With our referral program you can organically grow your sales with your very own customers. When a customer refers a friend and that friend places an order, both of them receive money to use in your store. You determine the monetary value.

Delivery & Pickup

Define your delivery area by zip code and collect email addresses of users who don’t live in your current delivery area for future use. Set pickup locations, times and more.

Gift Cards

Offer digital gift cards to your store as the perfect gift year-round.

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